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Yuri Gorbachev

Yuri  Gorbachev Yuri Gorbachev began his career as a Russian ceramist artist. He arrived in the United States from the former USSR in 1991 with little knowledge of the English language and almost no money but with an abundance of his great talent and charisma. After twenty years of working with ceramics he dared to change his medium to oil on canvas. The result was a spectacular success. In 1993 he traveled to the Far East and discovered his true soul and brought these Far East influences back to the rest of the world through his paintings. He incorporated these different worlds and experiences - Russian, American, and Asian, into his art, and changed and developed into the unique artist he is today.

His work is now represented in the permanent collections of the Louvre, the Kremlin Museum, the Tsarskoye Selo, the United Nations and the White House amore than twenty museums worldwide. On March 14, 1996 United Nations honored Yuri Gorbachev with a commission to create an original work in conjunction with the release of the UN stamp "Endangered Species". Secretary General Boutros-Ghali received Gorbachev's rendition of Green Parrot On Red Flower at a preview exhibition. Mr. Gorbachev is also represented in the personal collection of the President and Mrs. Clinton. His painting hang on the second floor of the White House; it was personally presented in Washington on July 22, 1996.

Yuri Gorbachev was classically trained in Soviet art academies and also acquired advanced degree in philosophy and communication. His most notable accomplishment through his art has been his success in bringing many different cultures together in his own simple language of beauty. His use of lacquer and glazing techniques in his paintings exhibit his training and mastery of ceramics.

Gorbachev's artistic career flourished in New York City and in the following years he had solo exhibits all over the United States and Europe. His first visit to Asia showed him his true path as a painter - his connection to the Orient was immediate and dynamic and influenced both his style and technique.

Since 1994, "Stolichnaya" has commissioned Gorbachev to design their Christmas " Holiday" ads for the famous Russian vodka, which appears in hundreds of magazines around the world. Michael Roux, art collector and the president of the company that created the ads and distributed Stolichnaya vodka and formerly the distributor and the creator of the famous Absolute vodka ads that used artists Andy Warhol ("Absolute Warhol"), Keith Haring ("Absolute Haring"), and Yuri Gorbachev ("Absolute Gorbachev"), described Yuri Gorbachev as "…the Angel from Russia He brings out whatever is good from there. The spirit, the subject matter, and the colors of his work-profound in their simplicity-exemplify what Russia is all about".

For past seven years Gorbachev has traveled extensively; his artistic development moved from his native style to his most recent intricate works. He uses a sophisticated technique with metals like gold and copper along with specially formulated lacquers over oil on canvas. No one could duplicate such a complex technique developed over almost a decade, using ceramic techniques on canvas.

Recognizing Gorbachev's great talent and influence as an artist not only in the United Stated, but worldwide, Rizzoli International, the prestigious art book publishers, published "The Art of Yuri Gorbachev", in 1998. It presents 100 full-color plates divided into thematic sections spanning Gorbavev's career. He is only one of a few Russian artists ever to have Rizzoli publish their books. Chagal, Malevich and now Gorbachev have been included. Only one or two living artists a year are published by Rizzoli; in 1997 Fernando Botero, and in 1998, Yuri Gorbachev were chosen.

In 2000, Bertelsman, one of the most important European art publishers, is planning Yuri Gorbachev's next major book.

At the end of 1999, Yuri Gorbachev had a joint exhibition with Mark Chagall (original paintings) in Prague at a major gallery. The show was very successful and viewed by many thousands of people over a six-week period.