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About Opus Gallery of Fine Art

Opus Gallery is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. We invite you to visit us whenever you are in town or browse our website to see our collection of paintings, ceramics, and sculptures.

For more than ten years, Opus Gallery is your source for Contemporary Art and Fine Custom Picture Framing. We represent such internationally acclaimed artists as Yuri Gorbachev, Sabzi, Hessam, David Schluss, Maya Eventov, Elena Flerova, Avtandil, Yuri Tremler, Lela, Valueva, Eugene Segal, and many others.

Opus Gallery invites you into our world of beauty. We would love to assist you in purchasing the very special piece of artwork to add warmth and beauty to your collection.

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Our Artists

Sabzi's paintings resonate both Eastern and Western philosophies. His rich Persian heritage provides him with ancient images and sentimental Persian themes. Read More...

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"Dynamic composition, powerful expression and vibrant colors along with great imagination." This was said about the paintings of Persian born artist Hessam Abrishami. He creates works of amazing depth and dimension that intrigue and disarm the viewer. Read More...

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Maya  Eventov
Maya loves rich, bold and bright colors of Mediterranean and often portrays scenes from her travels in her landscapes and even as a background for her still-life. Read More...

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Elena  Flerova
Flerova's paintings are noted for their radiant illumination, resulting from multiple overlays of white and hues until a brilliance, which seems to come from within is achieved. Read More...

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Yuri  Gorbachev
Yuri Gorbachev's work is represented in the permanent collections of the Louvre, the Kremlin Museum, U.N., The White House, and more than 20 museums worldwide. Read More...

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Anatoliy  Khmara
The Founder and Center Director of Medici Art Center is renowned European artist Anatoliy Khmara. At the age of five, Anatoliy entered the Studio of Visual Art for Gifted Children in Kiev, and went on to earn his Master in Fine Arts. Read More...

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Isaak  Maimon
Women meeting in somewhat hazy coffee houses, colors that are bold and bright, the essence of a true urban scene, daytime life and nightlife intermingle. Read More...

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Nelly  Panto
Nelly Panto was born and raised in Kishinev, Moldova. She graduated the Art school and the Art Academy in Kishinev. Nelly Panto worked as a book illustrator and designer. Read More...

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Andrei  Protsouk
The indifferent iron skies of Donetsk, Ukraine are more likely to produce championship boxers than fine artists but Andrei Proutsouk can take something from the reference. p> Read More...

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Anna  Razumovskaya
Artist Anna Razumovskaya: graduated from Russian State University for Arts (high-class artist) in 1991. From 1992 to 1995 studied art in Germany, Belgium, and Holland. Read More...

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Hollis  Richardson
The distinctive style of Hollis Richardson captures his interest in and empathy for people. His figures are distinct personalities, although they are never portraits of a particular person. Read More...

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Michael  Rozenvain
Born in Kiev Michael Rozenvain studied art at the Academy of Decorative Art. In 1990, he moved to Israel. Michael is an artist who is consciously making an effort to put something back into the community. <p> Read More...

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Eugene  Segal
Eugene Segal is one of todayís most acclaimed European Realists. His work has been showcased in some of the most prestigious venues throughout Europe. Read More...

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Yuri  Tremler
Yuri Tremler's striking and spontaneous palette clearly expresses a gamut of emotional states and moods. His works are exhibited across the U.S. and Israel. Read More...

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Noi  Volkov
Born in Agapovka, Russia in 1947, Noi Volkov grew up in the repressive Soviet Union. He graduated from both the Grekov Art College in Odessa and the Muchina Institute in Leningrad. Read More...

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Oleg  Zhivetin
Oleg Zhivetin was born on March 8, 1964 in Tashkent, Capitol of the Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan, to a family of Russian painters. He started to paint at a very early age under the supervision of his fatherís severe and demanding eye. Read More...

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